Jaw and Hip Connected

A study of patients with complex regional pain syndrome(CRPS) indicates that the temporomandibular joint (jaw)(TMJ) influences the range of motion of the hip joint.

This study evaluated if patients with CRPS would have an increase in range of motion (ROM) after myofascial release and a similar ROM decrease after jaw clenching, wheras in healthy subjects these effects would be minimal or nonexistent.

The result suggest that TMJ dysfunction plays an important role in the restriction of the hip motion experienced by patients with CRPS,establishing a link between these two regions of the body.

Source: Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapheutiics Volume 32,issue 5.

The Osteopathic/Dental approach applied at our clinic has been aware of this fact for years. Not only does a proper dental vertical heigth release pressure on the TMJ, it allows nornal cranio-sacral motion to take place. The freedom of motion manifests at many levels.
Yvan Ducat D.O

This article was written on the 15th Apr 2011

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