The hidden hazards of microwave cooking

To get the full flavour of what may lie ahead for microwave, here is that summary article:

"Women who work outside the home can express and store breast milk for feedings when they are away. But parents and caregivers should be careful how they warm this milk. A new study shows that microwaving human milk-- even at a low setting --can destroy some of its important disease-fighting capabilities.

"Breast milk can be refrigerated safely for a few days or frozen for up to a month; however, studies have shown that heating the milk well above body temperature --37o C-- can break down not only its antibodies to infectious agents, but also its lysozymes or bacteria-digesting enzymes.

"in the April 1992 issue of PEDIATRIC, doctor Kerner and his Stanford University co-workers reported finding that unheated breast milk that was microwaved lost lysozymes activity, antibodies and fostered the growth of more potentially pathogenic bacteria. Milk heated at a high setting (72oC to 98o C ) lost 96 per cent of its immunoglobulin-A antibodies.agents that fend off invading microbes.

"What really surprised him, Kerner said, was finding some loss of anti-infective properties in the milk microwave at a low setting --and to a mean of just 33o C. Adverse changes at such low temperatures suggest "MICROWAVING ITSELF MAY IN FACT CAUSE SOME INJURY TO THE MILK ABOVE AND BEYOND THE HEATING".

This article was written on the 18th Sep 2010

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